Hydro Projects

Naugarh Gad Small Hydroelectric Project (8.5 MW)

Naugarh Gad Small Hydroelectric Project is a run-off-river type project located in the Dethala VDC of Darchula District, Mahakali Zone, Far-Western Development Region. The project utilizes the discharge of Naugarh Gad river which is a major tributary of the Chameliya River. The project is accessible by road from Gokuleshwore on Mahakali Highway. The Project site is around 7 Km from Gokuleshwor. The latitude and longitude of the…

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Upper Naugarh Gad Small Hydroelectric Project is a Run-Off-River type project which is developed by Api Power Company Limited. The project is located at 5km upstream of Naugarh Gad Hydroelectric Project (8.5MW) Intake which had been succefully constructed and operated by the same Company. The Project is located in Dhuligada and Shikhar VDC's of Darchula district in the Far Western Development Region of Nepal. Geographically, the site is located…

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Upper Chameliya Hydroelectric Project is a run-off-river type project located Lattinath, Guljar and Tapoban VDC's of Darchula district, Mahakali zone, Far Western Region of Nepal. This Project Utilizes the 40% probablility discharge of 22.79 m3/s with gross head of 215m to generate 40 MegaWatt power. The generated power will be evacuated through 16 km long, 132kV double circuit transmission line from project switchyard to Balanch Substation. The Intake and…

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