Upper Chameliya Hydroelectric Project is a run-off-river type project located Lattinath, Guljar and Tapoban VDC's of Darchula district, Mahakali zone, Far Western Region of Nepal. This Project Utilizes the 40% probablility discharge of 22.79 m3/s with gross head of 215m to generate 40 MegaWatt power. The Intake and Weir is proposed downstream of the confluence of Rugru Gad and Chameliya river at Guljar VDC. Major Structures of the Project are Diversion Weir & Intake, Settling Basin, Headrace Pipe, Surge Tank, Penstock Pipe, Powerhouse and Tailrace canal. The Powerhouse site is proposed at Lama Bagar of Lattinath VDC, Darchula district just u/s the confluence of Odkhet Khola and Chameliya river. The whole alignment runs along the left bank of the river. The powerhouse consists of three units of 14000 kW Francis turbines connected to three units of 15686 kVA generators which generate the electricity. The power is evacuated through 132kV transmission line (16 km) which is connected to the Balanch Substation of Chameliya Hydroelectric Project, NEA.

The company had obtained the Survey Licence of the Project for 40 MW on dated 18th Falgun, 2072 from Department of Electricity Development, Ministry of Energy and completed the detailed Survey of the Project which is carried out by our Consultant South Asia Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The Company has entered a Power Purchase Agreement PPA for the Project with Nepal Electricity Authority on dated 15th Falgun, 2075 B.S. Company has also obtained the Generation License  from Ministry of Energy, Department of Electricity Development on dated 12th Ashwin, 2076 B.S. Syndicated Credit Facilities Agreement has been signed for the Project with Consortium Banks (Himalayan Bank Limited as Lead with Employees Provident Fund, Nepal Bank Limited, Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited, Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited and Century Commercial Bank Limited as Members) and Api Power Company Limited on dated 27th September, 2020.

The Project has started its Commercial Operation from 28th Shrawan, 2080 B.S. (13th August, 2023). 

Project Details
Project Name : Upper Chameliya Hydroelectric Project
Development Region : Far Western
Zone : Mahakali
District : Darchula
Intake Site : Guljar VDC
Powerhouse Site : Lattinath VDC
Geographical Co-ordinates
Latitude : 29°44'20" N to 29°46'57" N
Longitude : 80°46'50" E to 80°49'12" E
Name of River : Chameliya River
Nearest Town : Gokuleshwor
Type of Scheme : Run-of-river
Gross Head : 215 m
Net Head : 204.61 m
Installed Capacity : 40 MW
Catchment Area : 656.3 km2
Average Annual Precipitation : 2000 mm
Monsoon Wetness Index : 1500 mm
Design Discharge : 22.79 m3/s
Diversion Weir and Intake  
Type of Weir : Gravity Type Concrete Overflow Spilway
Length of Weir : 35 m
RL of the Weir Crest Elevation : 1265 m from the MSL
Intake Type : Side Intake
Size : 4.00 m x 2.50 m x 4 nos.
Desanding Basin
Type : Dofour Chamber
Trapped particle size : >0.2 mm
Length : 120 m
Headrace Pipe
Type : Mild Steel 
Shape : Circular
Length : 5 km
Diameter : 3.50 m
Surge Tank
Type : Simple Cylindrical Tank
Dimension : D = 18 m, H = 30 m
Penstock Pipe
Type : Circular Mild Steel
Length : 450 m
Diameter : 3.1m
Type : Surface
Dimension : L = 40 m, W = 18 m H = 15 m
Type : Rectangular box
Length : 30 m
Dimension : W = 6 m, H = 4 m
Type of Turbine : Vertical Francis
Number : Two (2)
Net head : 204.61 m
Rated Output : 40 MW
Unit Discharge : 11.4 m3/s
Transmission & Interconnection
Power House – Balanch Substation : 16 km
Voltage : 132 kV
Interconnection Point : 132 kV NEA Balanch Substation